Barbican Leaflet - Whats on in October

The Barbican art gallery gives out information on the events for each month. We was given their October month and had to redesign it. The key part of this project was to think about the hierarchical system on the page, and how it engages the reader. This meant I also needed to think about format, I could manipulate the format so that the reader would follow the sequence of the events in the correct order.

At first I tried creating a standard booklet structure. Then I came up with being able to tear off every little part of the page. So that you could deconstruct the whole thing if you wanted to. The main idea was so that you could tear off the event you may be interested in and be able to keep it, but I thought it would be fun if you could do it so there was nothing left of it and it became something completely different. I really liked the finished idea as I think it was very easy to understand and read through it.

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