Jammmedia Animation!

After just over a week I have finally finished the animation for the new Jammmedia website! It was a really fun project as I could be really creative! Me and and Aaron (another person doing work experience) were asked to come up with a few ideas for it.
One of my ideas was using fingers, as there is only three of them in the team so I was thinking about using three fingers, one each representing each person.
Aaron came up with these really cute little people and I had an idea of a paper aeroplane coming in and then pulling words in and other objects being in it, that could also bring in words. After looking at our ideas, they liked both of them so we tried to combine them. In the end they choose my idea for the structure for the animation and Aaron's little people would be in it. Aaron also made the little people actually look like the Jammmedia team, so it felt a lot more personal to them.

I did have a few problems with the animation, such as when the first "hello" letters float into the animation, they weren't following the right guide path and it was getting a bit confusing because there was so many on the stage. In the end I recreated the guide paths as it was just getting to complicated, and then it worked!

I created most of the things in the animation using found objects. Such as the aeroplane, kite and hot air balloon. The hot air balloon was created from a photograph I took of a balloon, then I drew over it, scanned it back in and then added colours in photoshop.
For some reason I cant seem to export it into a quicktime file, but this is a link to it if you want to check it out! http://www.swfcabin.com/open/1281431014

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