Pink Green Creative!

So at the moment I'm currently working a lovely design studio in Newbury called PinkGreen, where there is always a happy monday to a happy friday, the team there is wicked and really have made me feel so welcome. I've been working there for the last three weeks and only have one week left, its gone so fast!

I've been working on two main projects, one is to do with a client called little tree which sell car air fresheners, people in the uk know there products to be called magic trees, however I have been working with Wunder-Baum which is sold in other european countries! I have been working on a new design for a female tree to fit in with two other trees, so the set becomes a trio. I need to do some small refinements and then hopefully it will get put into research!

I have also been working on a pro–mo idea for pinkgreen that was given out at a charity event called Success in the city. The idea that we went with was to use successful people, as that was the main theme of the event. We had to create 400 pro–mo gifts as well as creating vinyl stickers which we put onto the bathrooms mirrors of the East Wintergarden venue . Check out the blog post by pinkgreen to see how we got on at the charity event!

I was so happy to be involved with this project and had a wicked time doing it. I've never done anything with vinyl stickers before and defiantly want to do something with them again. I feel as though I'm learning a lot here, i'm going to be sad when I have to go!

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